Crystal Infusion Cuticle Oils

I’m so excited to bring to my store my new Crystal Infusion Cuticle Oils. These cuticles oils, made of refined Jojoba Oil and fragrance, coke in beautiful bamboo accented glass dropper bottles and have genuine crystal chips at the bottom of the bottle. 

Adding Crystal chips to the cuticle oils infuses and charges the oil with the healing properties of the crystals, helping to promote health and wellbeing. The crystals used have a variety of properties:

Amethyst: known to relieve stress, anger, fear and anxiety.

Bloodstone: purifying and cleansing, Bloodstone can promote the flow of good energy.

Citrine: stimulates the brain, strengthens the intellect and raised self esteem and self confidence.

Garnet: stimulates creativity, helps promote passion and drive.

Green Adventurine: helps dissolve negative emotions and increases will power and confidence 

Rose Quartz: soothing, promotes bonding, restores trust and harmony, stimulates the imagination.

These cuticle oils were fascinating to work on and put together, and I hope you love them as much as I do! 

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